I work with both teen and adult singers and aspiring vocalists, individually or in small groups, who are looking for guidance with working toward preparing for a goal such as a live performance, recording session, talent show or audition.

This type of coaching will be customized to the participant to address all types of vocal performance skills development to get to the heart of a singer’s unique, authentic sound and voice and find and develop their own talent and become empowered.

I help students to develop strengths and work on niche areas of focus such as feeling the tempo, how to phrase, vocal dynamics, basic breath support, finding the right key and confidence boosting.

I work with all vocal styles and genres including Blues, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Folk, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae and more.

Email CarrieSouza@gmail.com for more questions or call 415-377-5669.

Carrie Souza

"Courage is finding your voice!"

Carrie Souza, Vocal Performance Coach